Monday, April 25, 2011


Two different views

Dave: First, we weren’t blown to smithereens when two burners were turned on by accident just before Becky and I went to bed. Becky who seldom wakes during the night awoke around 2:00 a.m. and smelled gas throughout the house. She woke me up and together we went to investigate. We immediately opened all the doors and windows we could, and aired out the house. The gas itself seemed to choke us. After the house was ventilated we returned to bed, pausing to thank our Heavenly Father for yet another miracle.

Becky: May I begin by saying it wasn’t exactly my fault – Perhaps 99.99% of it was. Leaving the gas stove turned on, two burners without flames to temper the gas - actually happened because someone wanted dinner. I was cooking it, working to get it completed at the same time so everything was hot and ready and we could sit down together, Dave, my dad, and I. I turned one burner down low to simmer and the flame went out. I took the food to the table and didn’t check the stove. We ate and cleaned up, as I washed off the stove - that was when the second burner was turned on – accidentally. The towel must have gotten caught on the knob and turned it on. Lights out, we headed to bed after saying good night to my dad, he headed down to his room in the basement. About 1:30 in the morning, I woke up with a start. I lay there for a few moments and I knew something wasn’t right. I could smell rotten eggs. Our bedroom is upstairs and somehow the smell rose. I got up and checked the main floor. As soon as I walked into the kitchen I could hear the hiss of the burner. I turned it off, and hurried to open a window; shaking and scared the furnace might turn on, which creates a spark. I could still hear a hissing sound so leaving the house dark, I checked the stove again, too afraid to turn on a light for fear the house would blow up. (I know, I watch too many television disaster and emergency shows). The burner on the right was on 'high'. I went upstairs to wake Dave, stopping on the way, to open the front door which allowed a very cold breeze to fill the front of the house. I woke up Dave, and asked him to go and check on my dad. Gas filled the entire main floor. I know from all of the Emergency Preparedness studying we have done, natural gas stays close to the ground and doesn’t rise. I worried it had seeped down the basement and dad might have been in trouble. Dad slept peacefully, unaware of all the drama. This was a close call but a miracle all the same for the Cook family.

I too, was grateful for this miracle in our lives - but do you think it is possible Dave actually thought the miracle was - I was doing the cooking?

Dave, I know where Russia is but where on the map is Smithereens?

Dave: Second, our family experienced another miracle, when our oldest daughter Tiffany, with her husband Troy, received their endowments in the Salt Lake Temple. On March 26, 2011 they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Draper, Utah Temple. Together, we watched as all of our children and their spouses attended these wonderful events. I am not able to express all within my heart of the great feelings of love, gratitude and beauty which attended us, as we worshiped in the House of the Lord with all of our adult children and their spouses.

Some of the events were beyond earthly experience. The spirit of the Lord seemed to be everywhere present. Days before, several of Becky’s family expressed their support and happiness when they heard Tiffany and Troy were to be sealed in the Temple. Jean, our sister – in – law, began to cry when she heard, feeling deeply of the spirit and knowing how important this would be to Tiffany, Troy and to us. Todd, Becky's brother, told Tiffany he was "proud of her" for taking this important step in her life. The support the family has given throughout our mission preparations, and towards our family, has been phenomenal and so much appreciated.

On Friday evening, March 25, 2011, our family assembled in the Salt Lake Temple to participate with Troy and Tiffany as they received their endowments. Members of our family present were: Vernon O. Cook, my father; Nan and Bruce Oblad, my sister and brother-in-law; Catharine Rasband, my sister; our niece, Patti Cook (also a member of Tiffany and Troy’s ward - who left Jed, her husband, home to watch their children) as well as each of our children with their spouses: Tiffany and Troy (of course), Cynthia and Alan Nelson, Jenny and John Norton, Adam and Heather Cook, Liz and Kori Moore, and Kimberly and Chris Saling. Looking around when I entered the celestial room, after the session, I could see all my family there, but had to search for Alan and Cynthia for a few minutes because they were sitting behind a group of people. I don’t know if this experience will ever be duplicated - for many years - or even in my life time.

The following morning we assembled again to witness the sealing in the Draper Utah Temple. What a wonderful showing of support for this spiritual event which was to come to pass. Those attending were: each of our children and their spouses, Aunts and Uncles; Nan and Bruce Oblad, Catharine and Roy Rasband, Christine and Steve Christensen, Cousins; Jed Cook (trading places with Patti this time) Tristan Nielson, and Alexis Matson (Phil and Charlottes daughters), Paul and Sharon Norton (Jenny’s in-laws) and many friends and family of the Stark’s.

Becky: What a wonderful few days for our family to be together and share in this happy occasion. Our entire family within sacred temple walls… It was my choice opportunity to escort Tiffany as she went through the endowment and to help her prepare for the sealing. She was so nervous, and occasionally I whispered for her to take a deep breath, but she did very well. It was a day filled with emotions…as Tiffany and I walked into the room before the session began I got to look into the beautiful faces of each of my daughters, filling a row, side by side sisters in this life and the next…and then to sit and look across the room to see each of my sons, and Dave, my eternal companion, the father of my children…and next to him, sat his Father, my Father – in – law, Vernon Osmond Cook. What a handsome group of men, shoulder to shoulder, all worthy priesthood holders, these fathers in my life – they inspire me, and make me want to be a better person.

(Yes, I started to cry, and Adam, who was watching me, gave me one of his looks - where he rolls his eyes - and shakes his head a little bit – his body language says, “Aw, mom…don’t start crying now”) I was just so happy.

It was wonderful to be in the temple. To see how each of our children have grown into caring and responsible adults, are examples of righteousness, and who love and serve the Lord. The paths we travel in our lives won’t always be paved and smooth, but at least now we are all on the right path.

On Saturday, it was windy and cold, and the sun played peekaboo with the clouds, but it was a beautiful day full of warmth and love with family and friends. I think the word I would use to describe the past few days would be ‘serene’. All seemed right in the world for the moment…

Thanks Tiffany and Troy for providing us with this miracle.

11 of our 13 grandchildren who were at the temple, brave enough to sit for a picture in the freezing wind and cold at the Draper Temple March 26, 2011
(L-R) Austin, Garrett, Spencer, Colin, Mackey, Jared, Matthew, Alexa, Brooklyn, Emilee,Kellie...Isabella was in the car getting warm and so was little Brayden.
(we missed David, Kylie, Natasha and Cristian)

It was soooooo cold! Liz, Kori, Alan, John, Jenny, (me in the black coat) and Adam - "Chilling" at the temple.

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