Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spreading the words

Dave has given out three pass along cards to people who were curious about us. Pass along cards are written in Russian and give a quick look about our beliefs in Jesus Christ and the restoration of the Gospel. Often people we see on the metro will look at our name tags and when we notice them reading them- they drop their eyes and act like they never looked at us at all. If they glance back again - Dave will catch their eyes and he will offer them a pass along card.

His first pass along experience was given to a nicely dressed young lady. We were riding the metro and she couldn't stop looking at his name tag so he extended the pass-along card to her. She nodded a Russian thank you and looked at the brochure and started to read. She read the entire brochure, then our stop came and we left the train. He looked back at her and she smiled (which is very unusual for the Russian people) and said an audible thank you (spaceebah).

The next one he gave away was on the same day, the return trip on the metro, to an older man who was probably just younger than Dave, he again seemed interested in our name tags and so Dave offered him a card. He looked at it, tucked it into his shirt pocket and buttoned his pocket for safe keeping. Who knows what will happen?

Today on the metro, on our way to church was much more fun. Dave has been trying to memorize the Articles of Faith in Russian and he had the Russian copy in his hand - there was a young man who kept looking at the paper, and seemed to be reading along with Dave. He leaned in to read the words. He leaned in still closer and talked to Dave (unfortunately Dave only understood a few words)- Dave offered him a pass along card with a beautiful picture of the Savior on it (all printed in Russian of course). The young man took the card and then Dave grinned - and then Dave asked the young man how to pronounce one of the words. The man told him and began to read the Articles of Faith again...he read the 4th...and then he read it out loud. It was as if this was a brand new concept to him so Dave handed him the copy of the Articles of Faith and the young man accepted, very pleased to get it. Dave glanced across the aisle with a grin and his mind working figured - if he would accept the copied version of the Articles of Faith what did he have to lose by giving him a Book of Mormon? So in Dave's carefully (yet stilted worded Russian) Dave told him he wanted to give him a special gift, "A book" and handed him a Book of Mormon. The look of pleasure really said everything...he looked incredulous and then gathered the book to his chest as if it were the most precious thing anyone had ever given him. Dave was going to ask his name and contact information but we came to a stop and he was gone. was incredible, inspiring and amazing all at the same time.

It is a great work we are involved in, spreading these words of truth and hope.

But the story didn't begin on the metro on the way to actually began in the morning while getting the backpack ready. Dave usually packs it as light as possible for the overland trek - with scriptures,hymn-books, notebooks etc.-the weight can sometimes seem heavy...however, this morning Dave felt a need to pack the Russian Book of Mormon...

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